Designing a Drought-Resistant Hardscape

Moving to the future, as the issue of the availability of freshwater arises, designing a drought-resistant hard scape is the key to managing water while creating beautiful landscapes in a homeowner’s yard. To this end the design of the irrigation system maintenance is important in the following ways; More specifically, this article will discuss the benefits of practices that are aimed at conserving water in landscaping, an array of things that one would need to consider when designing the area and guidelines to the proper selection of an irrigation system.

Understanding Drought-Resistant Landscaping

Water-wise gardens or, specifically, Xeriscaping is good for more than just water; it is an essential aspect of supporting species richness. Incorporation of native plants that are well adapted to the locality facilitates establishment of other pollinators, birds and wildlife in the same area. This balance of the ecosystem improves the well being of the environment hence making the environment more sustainable.

The Functions of Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler systems are very important in ensuring proper upkeep of the plants and yet at the same time help in the conservation of water. There are methods like drip irrigation or soaker hose that water hits the roots of the plant without necessarily drooling all over the plant and thereby conserving water. Because these systems deliver water slowly to the root area of plants they enhance water uptake by plant roots, and this reduces chances of water running on the soil surface. Your irrigation system maintenance plays a key role in efficient functioning of your system.

Selecting the Right Irrigation System

Basically when choosing an irrigation system it is wise that one has to put in mind the type of landscape that the system is going to serve. Some of the things to look out for are those systems that integrate weather data, soil moisture levels, and requirement of the plant with the timing of irrigation. They are characterized by efficient usage of water and reduce instances of over watering or under watering of plants and hence makes it easier to maintain sustainable landscapes.

When to Water Your Landscape?

When to water is just as important as how since most of the water introduced into the soil will be absorbed within this period. There is usually advice to water early in the morning or at the later hours of the evening because the heat of the day is not as strong hence less water evaporation. The hardscape design that is able to prevent water wastage in dry weather is among the most fundamental approaches that can be used in establishing green and water efficient landscapes.

Key Principles

When planning a drought-tolerant landscape, remember to:

  • Remove subordinate plants of the area in favor of the species that are less thirsty by climate.
  • Water them properly and at appropriate times not too frequently or too rare that water is wasted.


Correct selection of irrigation techniques, and following some rules, the water can be conserved to the maximal degree, and the landscape may remain healthy and neat. Have a great and healthy landscape!