Is the Lost Luggage Coverage Adequate in Indian Travel Insurance? 

Imagine you are all excited about your international trip. Everything is as per schedule, but suddenly, you have a hard time finding your luggage. You moved to the luggage assistance counter at the airport to enquire and were told it was lost in transit. How incredibly disheartening that might get!

But if you have travel insurance in India from a reputed insurance provider like Tata AIG that covers baggage insurance, a lot of stress can be taken care of. This cover offers financial support in case of lost or damaged belongings while travelling. 

To know more about  Lost Luggage Coverage and whether it is adequate, keep reading.

 Situations In Which Your Check-in Baggage Can Be Lost 

  • Wrong Destination: Sometimes, during transit, your check-in baggage can be misplaced and get boarded and sent to the wrong destination due to human error. 

For instance, the incorrect destination airport code is printed by the check-in staff or the luggage is loaded on the inaccurate luggage cart. Since the baggage gets shipped to the incorrect destination, it can get lost.

  • Damage to Baggage Tag attached: If the baggage tag affixed to your luggage gets sabotaged or ripped from the centre, there is a high probability that you might lose the luggage. This usually happens if you are travelling through connecting flights.

 What is Lost Baggage Insurance? 

The lost luggage insurance is usually a part of the travel policy. In this, the policyholder is insured against unexpected loss or damages to luggage. A traveller must understand the term luggage is comprehensive and covers personal items.

  1. Covers baggage against theft, fires, damages, accidents, etc.
  2. Covers check-in baggage and any damages to it at the time of flight or during the journey 
  3. Compensation for delayed arrivals. The policy goes beyond the airline’s compensation, providing additional reimbursement for the policyholder’s luggage.
  4.  Protection for any extra baggage that may be bought during the duration of the trip

 Types of Baggage Insurance Policies 

Depending on the type of trip, baggage insurance coverage extends to cover your travels. There are basically three types of baggage insurance policy:

  1. Single trip baggage insurance
  2. Multi-trip baggage insurance
  3. Baggage insurance for certain items. 

Remember to select a baggage insurance plan according to the duration of your trip, as it guarantees extensive coverage until you are back. 

 Why Is It Important to Buy a Baggage Insurance Policy 

With baggage insurance, you can ensure hassle-free travel without worrying about any loss of luggage. The following are reasons to consider while buying a travel insurance plan for your travel-

  •  Monetary compensation 

A baggage insurance plan ensures monetary compensation for any loss of baggage and its contents during your travels.

  •  Refund of expense 

A scenario where there is a loss of baggage requires you to purchase new and necessary items. The insurance company refunds the cost of such additional purchases due to lost or damaged baggage.

  • Worry-free travels

With baggage insurance in your travel coverage, whether you are a senior citizen or a student, it ensures you have worry-free travel. The insurance company will reimburse you for any lost, delayed, or damaged baggage, ensuring you continue enjoying your trip without any hiccups.

 How Does Baggage Delay Insurance Cover Work? 

A baggage delay claim can be made if a carrier has delayed your check-in baggage for more than the particular period in your policy. The period is calculated from the moment you arrive at your destination.

In most scenarios, travellers are required to file for a baggage delay claim to proceed with the claim process. Claims must be typically filed if the check-in bags are not received even after 12 hours of their arrival at their destination.

There may also be circumstances wherein the traveller receives a claim amount from the insurer towards baggage delay, but it is later known that the check-in baggage is lost. In such a situation, your insurer shall pay you the claim amount for baggage loss. This amount is derived after subtracting the baggage delay claim amount (paid by the insurance company) and any settlement paid by the airline.

It is always recommended to check with the insurer whether they provide baggage delay refunds over and above the airline settlement.

 How Does Baggage Loss Under Travel Insurance Work? 

The settlement is provided for the lost baggage in accordance with the policy terms and conditions. Just like luggage delay cover, baggage loss cover is also proposed by insurers, irrespective of whether you buy travel insurance online or offline.


Whether you are a senior citizen, student, or any traveller, choosing the right baggage insurance plan tailored to your trip’s duration is essential for a secure and enjoyable journey. So, before embarking on your next adventure, consider the importance of baggage insurance in safeguarding your travel experience.